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Brief Introduction to the Contents
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Jhangeer Hanif

Sūrah Bayyinah

This is a commentary of Sūrah Bayyinah by Amīn Ahsan Islāhī. He has unveiled many grammatical and semantic implications of the Qur’ānic text.

Sūrah Ā-i ‘Imrān (64-80)

This is an annotated translation of twenty verses of Sūrah A%l-i ‘Imrān by Jāved Ahmad Ghāmidī. These verses begin with what is reflection of God’s advice to believers: “call to the way of your lord with wisdom and sincere exhortations, and debate with them in manners that are most appropriate,” (16:125). Thereafter, the Almighty deplores the disbelievers’ deceptive – indeed abominable – scheme aimed at undermining the veracity of Islam. This is followed by a plain contrast between two types of people, among “People of the Book”, in terms of their ethical standing. Finally, the Almighty states that His prophets are of veritably strong character; they do not tamper with God’s trust – His revelations.

Interpreting the Qur’ān in the Light of Hadīth

This is a short, though incomplete, exposition by Imām Farāhī on the use of Hadīth literature in interpreting the Holy Qur’ān. Among other things, he highlights the kind of egregious errors that one makes in case Hadīth literature is taken as the ultimate authority in the interpretative process.

Ascertaining the Time-Range for each Prayer

This is a description of a comprehensive Hadīth narrative on the above captioned topic by Moiz Amjad and his team. The narrative is followed by a note discussing its important variants found in different anthologies of Hadīth literature.

Characteristic Values of Muslim Culture

This is a very compact essay by Jāved Ahmad Ghāmidi, touching upon a much crucial subject of the day – foundational values of Muslim culture. While counting “worship” as the fountainhead of all Islamic values, he underpins three characteristic virtues of Muslim culture.

Your Questions Answered

Shehzad Saleem answers questions on family, marriage, and fornication.



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