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Islamic Revolution
Political Issues
Dr. Shehzad Saleem

Most people would probably agree with us, that a revolution is the only way by which the supremacy of Islam can be achieved in our country. Unfortunately, its methodology has always remained a controversial issue. Alot has been said about it and alot is being said, but still alot remains to be desired. In our humble estimation, the course of action should be based upon the following three pronged approach.

Firstly, some Islamic educational institutions must be established, which should be based upon the principles of deliberation and deduction formulated by our revered scholars in the first century Hijra, which in recent times have been revived by Imām Hamīd Uddin Farāhī and his most distinguished pupil, Amīn Ahsan Islāhī. We believe that from these institutions a team of scholars would be begotten, who would be competent enough to interpret and apply these principles in current circumstances, in order to present solutions to the various problematic issues we face today.

Secondly, a missionary institution must be constituted, whose purpose should be to disseminate the true message of Islam, and to reform the moral character of the general masses. God willing, this would become instrumental in completely changing their outlook towards life, making success in the Hereafter the real motive behind all their undertakings and endeavours.

Thirdly, a political struggle should be initiated, whose objective should be to practically accomplish this revolution by constitutional measures. This would provide a common platform to all elements, who on the basis of Qur’ān and Sunnah alone, irrespective of all sectarian differences, want to launch an all out effort to promulgate the Sharī’ah in our country.

Any artificial means to unite all these ventures in a single movement, might prove unhealthy as well as fruitless. The only natural way, is to let each of them emanate and develop of their own accord as three individual units. However, the three can be co-ordinated if circumstances are such, that an extraordinary personality is present to manoeuvre the whole venture.

This in our humble estimation, is the course which must be adopted in order to achieve an Islamic revolution in this country.


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