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Dear Husbands … If I may say!
Social Issues
Dr. Shehzad Saleem


Wives in the feudal cultures of most Muslim countries are often faced with an ordeal at the hands of their husbands: meagre pocket money. In more pathetic situations, a wife never receives any pocket money at all. Those of them who are working may not be facing such shameful situations, but those who are not have to suffer a lot.

This is one of the huge malpractices on the part of husbands that goes on unabated and unchecked. They forget that they were entrusted with the financial responsibility of their spouses by their religion and they end up flouting this obligation.

In this regard, some points of note are:

1. The amount of the pocket money given to the wife should be given according to the financial status of the husband. What a pity if he is earning in millions and just giving away a few thousand to the wife.

2. The pocket money is over and above household expenses that are given to a wife to run the house. This money is given to her for her own personal needs. Many husbands wrongly think that a wife should save money from the household expenses for herself.

3. The pocket money should be given a periodic increase keeping in view inflation. Many husbands shamefully pay the same amount they used to pay a decade or even two decades ago.

4. The pocket money should be given punctually before the start of each month. At times, the pocket money is given but after a lot of begging and delays. This damages the self-esteem of the wife and at times embarrasses her so much that she stops asking.

5. Even if the wife is earning, pocket money is still her religious right. She may be kind enough to waive it or reduce it but a husband does not have any right to unilaterally waive it off.

If husbands follow these rules, it is expected that their wives will show gratitude to them but if they do not, then they should not complain if their wives keep complaining.



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