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The Shallow Intellect of the West
Dr Khalid Zaheer

The Western intellect has yet again demonstrated its remarkable ability to completely avoid confronting obvious questions, and probing most studiously some other equally or even less obvious ones.

In the wake of the Gulf war many related questions were raised and debated upon at length by the Western media of information and by the politicians alike. One important aspect of the political manoeuvring of the Western powers relating to the double standards they displayed in dealing with Iraq and Isreal on crimes quite similar in nature was, however, very carefully shielded from being discussed throughout the period of the war. If Iraq demonstrated military vandalism by invading Kuwait, Israel had acted no differently not very long ago against some Arab countries. The very countries now claiming to be champions of international justice in the Gulf War were politically on the back of Israel then. Israel was not even threatened, not to speak of real military interference to straighten things up in the Gulf-war like fashion.

Now when Iraqi leadership demonstrated an absence of a good part of its sanity by invading Kuwait, USA, UK, France and their servile allies discovered, all of a sudden, that they have an important moral obligation to the oil-rich sheikhs of Kuwait to hand them back their lost land. Their sense of commitment to the cause of justice forced them to send a considerable part of their military might for the purpose. It sounds very impressive, provided you can easily forget the past. The Western media, politicians, and the public all seem to be gifted with exceptionally poor memories which helped them not to question the inconsistency in the polices of their governments.

It is obvious to one gifted with even a slight political insight, however, that these governments were, in both cases, consistently chasing their own vested interests.

The attitude of avoiding to face reality in toto and over-concentrating on some aspects of a problem at the expense of others is nothing new for the people of the West. It has been for quite a few centuries now that their intelligentsia has carefully avoided to acknowledge the presence of an Almighty Creator of the world as much in their scientific literature as in their practical lives. They would take point to intelligently infer from some not very obvious clues to conclude, for instance, that their lived a monstrous beast thousands of years ago on this planet. They would name it dinosaur and would, as if disclosing some highly important piece of information for which the world had hitherto been yearning, go on to show how it must have looked like. They would make models of the beast for the purpose, give vivid descriptions of it, and prepare exciting films about it. When one would ask them if they have seen this honourable monster ever, they would reply: ‘No, but yes’. ‘Yes’ despite the ‘no’ because the scores of fossils of a huge beast found in many parts of the world all point conclusively to the fact there once must have lived a giant beast who literally ruled the earth.

It is, however, not easily explainable that why some intelligent and inquisitive individuals when invited to look at their own inimitable existence alongside that of the wonderful world that surrounds them, look disbelievingly with a derisive smile as if, all of a sudden, they had been stripped off all traces of intelligence that helped them in an unseen acknowledgement of the existence of dinosours and many other much less significant realities than God Almighty.

The reason behind this inconsistency too is not very obscure. Acknowledging unseen dinosaurs accompanies no additional responsibilities. In fact, it brings the joys of admiration from others. Acknowledging the presence of an unseen God, however obvious the signs leading to His existence might be, is a very serious affair entailing heavy moral and spiritual obligations. It is better, therefore, not to be tempted by this discomforting discovery.

This attitude would, however, inevitably lead them to humiliation on a Day when the unseen God would, to their horror, remain no more unseen to inflict on them grievous punishment in an eternal life for keeping double standards in the life of trial.


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