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Fifteen Years of Renaissance (Jan 1991 - Dec 2005)
Dr. Shehzad Saleem
The Dec 2005 issue of Renaissance marked the completion of fifteen years of its publication. Taking this to be an opportune moment, we have devoted this issue of the journal to present a comprehensive list of the content published during this period.

Ever since the journal was launched in Jan 1991, its mission has been to contribute to the intellectual revival of the Muslims. In our opinion, this revival cannot be achieved unless the ailment of intellectual stagnation so rampant among Muslim scholars is done away with. By this stagnation is meant an absence of research and original thinking on religious issues. It is only this approach which is harmonious with one of our primary responsibilities: the quest for truth.

The strategy we have adopted to achieve our mission is to publish, promote and patronize the work of scholars who have taken up this daunting task of carrying out original research within the ambit of the Qur’an and Sunnah, the two primary sources of Islam. Even though there is a paucity of these scholars, it is our utmost desire to bring them into limelight and communicate far and wide their intellectual endeavour.

We consider our endeavour to be a humble service to the cause of truth, and would count ourselves successful even if we are not able to achieve this objective – for, to us, success lies not in achieving the goal but in sincerely striving to achieve it.

Fifteen years ago, we had embarked upon this voyage with the motto:


Stand upright, speak thy thoughts, declare

The truth thou hast that all my share,

Be bold, proclaim it every where,

They only live who dare


Today, once again, the team of Renaissance renews its pledge to the above motto, and continues its voyage for the quest for truth with new resolve and vigour. God be with us all. (Amen)

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