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Analysis of Sūrah Tūr
Qur'anic Exegesis
Amin Ahsan Islahi
(Tr. by:Dr. Shehzad Saleem)

This is the third sūrah of the sixth group of the Qur’ān which begins with Sūrah Qāf. It can be divided into the following three sections:

Section I (1-16)

This section forms the introductory part of the sūrah. The headstrong and obstinate people of Quraysh have been severely warned by citing certain historical and universal facts as evidence that the punishment about which they have been informed is certain to come. They should not hasten it and if they will not change their attitude, it shall definitely alight and no one shall be able to avert it. The next few verses draw a vivid picture of the Day this torment shall waylay them, with a brief description of the dreadful fate of those who had denied it.

Section II (17-28)

A portrayal of the favours of the life of bliss the believers shall be blessed with in contrast with that of the unbelievers is made. A special favour which has been highlightened here is that the Almighty shall unite those who brought up their children according to the teachings of Islam with their children even if these children are not entitled to this high level as regards their own deeds. For this union, those who deserve a high rank and level shall not be demoted, instead the people deserving a lower rank and level shall be promoted to higher ones. Basically, the fate of a person shall be decided according to this deeds; therefore, neither a reduction shall take place in a person’s deeds nor a faithless person shall be able to enter Paradise; indeed, the Almighty’s blessings shall be for the believers.

Section III (29-49)

In the concluding part of the sūrah, the Prophet (sws) has been comforted that he should not pay any heed to the excuse the disbelievers are ‘inventing’ to deny his Prophethood. Ignoring their attitude, he should keep on discharging his duty of reminding people of the truth so that those who are mindful are able to adopt the right path and those who insist on remaining on the wrong path have no excuse but defiance to remain so.

In the twelfth verse, the attitude of the adverseries of indulging in pleasantries and toying with the truth has been referred to. Here they are dealt with in detail and silenced on this issue.

The rebellious people have been warned that very soon the time will come when all their schemes shall be shattered, and before the torment of the Final Day they shall encounter another torment in this world also.

The Prophet (sws) has been comforted that he should patiently await his Lord’s decision, and should be aware that he is under the direct protection of the Almighty.

He should augment this patience through prayers, especially the night and early morning ones.

(Translated from Islahi’s “Taddabur-i-Qur’ān”)      ---Shehzad Saleem

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