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Brief Introduction to the Contents
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Jhangeer Hanif

Sūrah Tīn

This is a commentary of the Sūrah Tīn by the celebrated exegete of the Holy Qur’ān – Amīn Ahsan Islahī. This sūrah begins with four oaths, the meaning and significance of which has been a subject of much earnest interpretative efforts throughout history. Islahī, based on the research work of his mentor – Farāhī, helps explore hitherto untouched aspects of these oaths. This write-up, in addition to unfolding the meaning of the sūrah, exhibits how the Qur’ān evidences the divine law of retribution – something that no one can escape no matter whatsoever.

Sūrah Alī-i ‘Imrān (81-99)

This is an annotated translation of twenty verses of the Sūrah A%l-i ‘Imrān by Jāved Ahmad Ghāmidī. These verses explain that God has, indeed, left no excuse for the People of the Book to deny the ministry of the Holy Prophet (sws). They in fact executed a covenant with God for professing faith in him once he would grace this world. Those who persisted in denial even after God Almighty had made the truth evident would have no share in the afterlife – they shall be doomed.

Mode of Revelation

This is a brief exposition, by Farāhī, of how the Holy Qur’ān has been revealed to the Holy Prophet (sws). At the same time, it touches upon some of the structural issues of the Holy Book as well.

Delaying Zuhr Prayer in Intense Heat

This is a description of a comprehensive Hadīth narrative on the above captioned topic by Moiz Amjad and his team. The narrative is followed by a note discussing its important variants found in different anthologies of Hadīth literature.



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