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Brief Introduction to the Contents
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Jhangeer Hanif

Our Education System

This article by Jāved Ahmad Ghāmidī laments the crisis that have plagued our education system for long. Nonetheless, Ghāmidī maintains that not all is lost for good; if some corrective measures are taken – immediately without wasting any time – we can usher in a new era of prosperity and development.

Sūrah Shams

Presented here is a commentary of Sūrah Shams by Amīn Ahsan Islāhī. The Sūrah begins with a number of oaths and ends at the dreadful fate of Thamūd. Islāhī, while elucidating the significance of these oaths, underpins the purpose for which these oaths have been sworn. Thereafter, he explains how the utter annihilation of Thamūd further augments this purpose.

Sūrah Āl-i ‘Imrān (118-143)

This is an annotated translation of twenty verses of Sūrah Āl-i ‘Imrān by Jāved Ahmad Ghāmidī. These verses mainly address the newly founded Muslim community and furnish valuable advice for them. The Muslims should not take disbelievers as their friends and ought to have strong faith in God’s help instead. They should remember that the Almighty provided them with His help on the day of Badr and in the battle of Uhad as well when they were deserted by a group of Hypocrites. Furthermore, they must avoid retracing the footsteps of disbelievers like taking interest – a rampant moral corruption of the Jews. This is followed by some other adominitions. 

The Prophet’s Experience of Revelation

This is a description of a comprehensive Hadīth narrative on the above captioned topic by Moiz Amjad and his team. The narrative is followed by a note discussing its important variations found in different anthologies of Hadīth literature.

The Collection of the Qur’ān

This is a review by Khurram Soomro of John Burton’s above-mentioned book, which investigates the history of collection of the Holy Qur’ān.


Shehzad Saleem responds to some important questions.


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