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Brief Introduction to the Contents
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Jhangeer Hanif

Sūrah Balad

Amīn Ahsan Islāhī unfolds allusions made in the sūrah that, while rebuking the audience about their inept behaviour towards Islam, highlights what they were supposed to do as a progeny of Abraham (sws) and Ishmael (sws).

Causes of Hadīth Fabrication

Islāhī investigates the reasons which played a major role in the accumulation of fabricated narratives in the early history of Islam. He voices a strong criticism for the laxity that the pioneers of the Hadīth discipline – he believes unjustifiably – exhibited in the evaluation of the chain of narrators.

Two Blows Allowed to the Hellfire

This is a comprehensive text of different narratives attributed to the Holy Prophet (sws) on the above captioned topic along with its requisite explanation by Moiz Amjad.

The Mughal Empire

This is a review of the above captioned book which seeks to establish academic worth of the book primarily through textual analysis and peer comparison.

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