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Brief Introduction to the Contents
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Jhangeer Hanif

Fundamentals of Understanding Islam

Explained in this essay are fundamental principles that Jāved Ahmad Ghāmidī has applied while forming a comprehensive understanding of the corpus of Islam. His approach, though has roots in the juridical traditional of Islam, seems quite fresh especially with reference to his emphasis on certain aspects of jurisprudence.

Sūrah Nūh

The narrtive of the preaching mission of the Prophet Nūh is recounted in this sūrah, which is an epitome of indefatigable endeavor, formidable endurance and unparralelled devotion – always exhibited by a prophet of God. Amīn Ahsan Islāhī dwells on each verse to help the reader decipher each element of the broad picture portrayed by the sūrah.

Interrelation between the Qur’ān, the Sunnah and the Hadīth

Amīn Ahsan Islāhī demonstrates that the Qur’ān, the Sunnah and the Hadīth are interconnected as soul and body are. The former is an embodiment of general guidelines while the latter two sources are actual application thereof, giving concrete form to the guidelines.

The Deadline for Fajr and ‘Asr Prayers

This is a comprehensive text of different narratives attributed to the Holy Prophet (sws) on the above captioned topic along with its requisite explanation by Moiz Amjad.

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