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Travelling Alone!
Social Issues
Dr. Shehzad Saleem

Travelling alone in a journey is a very revealing experience. It reminds us that man is in fact alone in his voyage on this earth. His only companion is God, and his only solace in this journey is the time he spends in God’s remembrance. A living relationship with God gives him the peace of mind in the humdrum of this expedition.

All supports are temporary and transient, and friends are not forever. God has been kind enough to provide this ephemeral backing to man. However, man must realize that if he wants to remain at peace with his heart, he must remain connected to the abounding mercy and unfathomable benevolence of the Creator of the heavens and the earth. He should know that God is even closer to him than his life-vein. He may not be able to see Him or touch Him, but he most certainly can experience Him. And this is no new an experience to him: after all, he never sees the gust of wind which freshens him up, but he can feel it; he never sees the scent of a rose which soothes him, but he can smell its fragrance.

Coming close to God requires some extra effort. And why should not that extra effort be expended if it can lead to a close companionship with Him? One step in this direction is to make an effort to get up late at night and stand in prayer before Him. It is the best time to sleep for those who sleep and the best time to be awake for those who can break their sleep. Real sacrifice is the sacrifice of what is most cherished. It is at this time that the Almighty descends to the nearest of heavens to answer the prayers of those who have forsaken their sleep to converse with Him. It is at this time when He proclaims: “Is there any person who repents that I may forgive him? Is there anyone who seeks My mercy that I may enshroud him in My mercy?”

… so, the lone traveller will find himself to be in divine company!

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