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Let us Light up our Prayers!
Dr. Shehzad Saleem

More often than not, our attention and concentration in our prayers are compromised. We seldom derive the optimum benefit of the prayer because we are not able to focus on the prayer. It has become a ritual in which we often remember and think of all kinds of things. In fact, our mind becomes a powerhouse of ideas and distractions during the prayer. How then should one deal with this situation?

Besides making an effort to know what we are reading in the prayer, here are a few tips that may be helpful.

1. We must try to memorize more passages and surahs of the Qur’an for reciting them in the prayer. This will add variety and variance in it. One this is done, it will in turn become an impetus to memorize more surahs. It goes without saying that we must know the meaning of whatever we memorize.

2. We should try to stop all our activities a few minutes before offering the prayer and use this time to focus our attention. We must talk to ourselves that we are about to appear before God and hence we need to concentrate and make the best use of this time. In the busy life of today, taking out even a few minutes before the prayer may not always be possible. Yet whenever this can be managed, let us try our best to do so.

3. The postures of the prayer are no less important than the utterances. Thus standing, kneeling, prostrating and sitting are positions that themselves are postures of worship that must be cherished and relished. Often we tend to forget that these postures inculcate humility and servitude to the Creator.

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