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Shackled in the Bazaar March
Rhyme and Reason
Faiz Ahmad Faiz
(Tr. by:Asif Iftikhar)


The tearful eye, the soul distressed, suffice not

Indictment for love suppressed, a price not

Today, with shackled feet, in the bazaar march!


With hands spread, dance in your trance, march!

To bloody clothes ‘n dusty head, not a glance, march!

Awaits the whole town perchance, march:


Of the town, ruler; the crowd madding too

Of the accuser, arrow; the foe’s pelting too

Gloomy, dreary morn’ , the day’s failing too


To life, bring them all, who but we?

In Love’s town, in the ranks stand, who but we?

Now worthy of oppressor’s hand, who but we?


O mournful hearts, pack now wherewithal, march!

To gift life, none but we; go and fall, march!



(Translated by Asif Iftikhar)


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