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A Shame to Humanity!
Rhyme and Reason
Dr. Shehzad Saleem



Gun shots thundered

Volleyed and plundered


A healer of wounds

Wounded to death


His budding son

Deprived of breath


The star of his dreams

Destined to shine


This innocent soul

What was his crime?


A wanton barbarity

A shame to humanity


Brutal and ruthless

Callous and merciless


O sympathy thou art fled

When father and son bled


The heavens trembled

The earth shuddered


Dire and dreadful

Horrific and horrible


O sight hideous!

O spectacle atrocious!


Anguish and agony

Pain and misery


Grief and suffering

Woe and mourning


Eyes have become sore

Hearts can bear no more


The message of religion

They have failed to find


Killing a human being

Is killing mankind!




1. Written on the grisly sectarian killing of Dr Syed Ali Haider and his twelve year old son on 18h Feb 2013.

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