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Dignity in Hard Labour Lies!
Rhyme and Reason
Dr. Shehzad Saleem


His radiant face and sparkling smile

Left me wondering for a while


Innocence writ large on his face

Worry and anxiety had no trace


Had barely reached his teens

Polishing shoes his means


A modest yet proud Pashtoon

Making a living began too soon


His home he left many years ago

Because of war, strife and woe


His education he could not complete

Yet with its yearning he was replete


Gingerly he sat on his teeny stool

And fished out his working tool


With vigour and devotion

In a back and forth motion


He began scrubbing

Rubbing and buffing


Soon he victoriously beamed

Elated on the boots he’d cleaned


Said to me his earnest eyes:

“Dignity in hard labour lies”


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