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Abdus Sattar Ghauri (A Special Person)
Dr Farhad Shafti

My talk had just finished and I was being greeted by some of the members of the audience. I saw him coming towards me with a smile and in a very gentle manner. He said al-salāmu ‘alaykum, and then gave me a book that he had written. I opened the book. I found his hand writing on the first page: barā’y ‘azīz-i girāmī, ‘Farhad Shafti (for my dear ‘Farhad Shafti ). I thanked him and he left.

I immediately recognized that there was something special about this gentleman. I got a feeling that he was one of those whose presence was precious but also light like a breeze. I recognized that he belonged to that special category of human beings. We look at them and they are so humble and selfless that we tend to forget their presence. We look at them and may not realize that we are looking at one of the God’s beloved servants. Looking at his face during those precious short moments when he approached me, I could see piety, devotion and wisdom writ large over it.

It was only later, when I read the book that he gave me that I realized that he was also a great scholar and intellectual. I was very sorry that I did not manage to get to know him better. I had in mind that if I ever again had the privilege of visiting Pakistan I should spend some time with him and benefit from his presence.

However, just like a precious stone, these people are not easy to find and keep. He approached me like a breeze and, a few days ago, like a breeze he left our world towards his Creator.

I can only hope that I may be good enough to be allowed to see him in the hereafter.

God bless you Abdus Sattar Ghauri sāhib.



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