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Abdus Sattar Ghauri (A Humble Tribute)
Ameer Abdul Basit

Respected Abdus Sattar Ghauri was a significant intellectual figure in Islamic scholarship of Pakistan. He was a great teacher, educationist, researcher, and author. In academic circles, he was recognized for his expertise in biblical literature. I first met him sometime in 2001 when his mid-sixties at Al-Mawrid, and since then have been viewing him as a source of inspiration. His life was an outstanding illustration of piety and discipline. As a researcher, his sincerity with his mission and his high degree of physical, emotional, and cognitive engagement with his research were exemplary. He was extremely humble in sharing his research findings and learning from others. His demise is indeed a great loss for our country. He will always be remembered as a humble servant of Allah who fully devoted a significant part of his life in exposing contradictions and corruptions made in the Bible with regard to beliefs and facts stated in the Holy Qur’ān.


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