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The Battle for Honesty Continues!
Social Issues
Dr. Shehzad Saleem


It is not easy to remain honest in a society where dishonesty is the name of the game, a society in which virtue and vice were once distinguishable and when people perpetrated evil they would feel ashamed about it; in fact, they would try their best to hide their evil ways. Alas! Today the once distinct line between virtue and vice has become blurred. People now openly indulge in wrongs and even have the audacity to boast about them. Illegal gratification, dishonesty, corruption, cheating and lying have become such common practices that hardly are they looked down upon:

O Judgement thou art fled to Brutish beasts!

And men have lost their reason

What then should be done to counter these wrongdoings going on at such a massive scale? Should we sit and watch and let the tide sweep us away? What about our future generations? Should we allow them to fall prey to these monstrous evils? Should we not even put up some resistance? Surely, we cannot be so spineless as to let the flood of falsehood continue unabated and unchecked! Who knows that if we stand against it in the form of a human chain, we may be able to turn the tide with a collective effort?

So, let us declare war against these dissolute practices: for their nature is diabolic, their fibre fiendish and their breed sinister. Let us launch an offensive against Satan and his agents. Let us try to become exemplars of morality and let this be our only weapon in this uprising. Lighting our own candle of truth in the desolate darkness that prevails can be the starting point. Protecting its flame from adverse currents should then become our mission.

Let us make a solemn commitment that we will be honest even if others are dishonest to us and that we will always follow the voice of our conscience. Let us then come forward and light up the path of honesty and justice, truth and righteousness – for whatever it takes. Yes, for whatever it takes!

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