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Hobbies we must have!
Dr. Shehzad Saleem

Each of us after going through all chores and routines of a day is left with vacant time. Many a time it is hours and not minutes that we have at our disposal. More often than not we end up wasting this precious period of the day. Indulging in gossip, watching tv, surfing the net for all sorts of motives and hanging out are some very popular activities to kill time. Not that these activities are bad per se, but that their excess makes us forget our responsibilities in life.

We can create a balance in life by having constructive and meaningful hobbies. These hobbies not only provide this balance, they also have many other benefits.

Each of us needs to relax from the tensions of our every day life. Modern day pressures have made our routines so very exacting. Hobbies provide us with a healthy means of relaxation.

Sins and evil have become more and more difficult to avoid today. We are bombarded with all sorts of evil temptations and lures. Hobbies serve to keep us away from such enticements.

Every human being has latent potentials and abilities that only come to the surface once they are efficiently tapped. Hobbies help us harness our hidden talents.

All round personality development is a need of everyone. Hobbies give us exposure to new experiences that shape and groom our personalities.

As individuals of a society, each of us owes a lot to it. Even small contributions can matter. Hobbies give us the opportunity to contribute to our society in a healthy way.

In many of us, the inclination to a hobby is found within us. It is just a question of making an effort to discover it!



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