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Do We have a Spiritual Part of the Day?
Dr. Shehzad Saleem


We have become a slave to our routines. It is a mechanical life plan that we generally tend to follow. Even praying to God at the appointed times has become a thoughtless process and does not bring the real benefits it should. Seldom do we get the chance to take time out to nourish our spiritual self in a thoughtful way. The need to appoint a spiritual part of the day is even more needed in a life that mostly consists of material parts.

We need more vigilance in this matter because like the body our soul also needs nourishment. A soul which is not nourished in the right way is likely to become weak and prone to superstitions. Just as junk food does nourish our bodies but is unhealthy and a gateway to diseases, similarly, all ungodly things that nourish the soul may make it live but this life will be inflicted with many spiritual ailments.

We need to take time out every day to nurture our spiritual self and care for it just as we do in the case of our physical self.

Besides trying to be more mentally attentive in our prescribed worship rituals, we must seize some moments every day to think about the blessings of God we enjoy, the favours from which many are deprived, helping out people in whatever way we can, gaping at the beauty of mother nature, gazing at the stars at night, reflecting on the immaculate systems and organs of our body, enjoying living as free individuals of a free country, feeling exhilarated through deep breaths of fresh air, listening to the enchanting sounds of the birds, relaxing in the sun in winters, deliberating on our purpose of existence and that of the world around us …. the list continues!

Let us be more vigilant towards our spiritual needs!



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