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Two Tough Trials
Dr. Shehzad Saleem


As soon as we reach mental maturity, we are faced with two tough and perpetual trials: one relates to the heart, one to the eye. At times, choices have to be made every second. The sequence is relentless and needs tremendous will power which only a strong relationship with God can provide.

In the trial that relates to the heart, a person is faced with the ordeal of lending ear to the call of his conscience – if it is vibrant and alive. Good and evil are innately found in his nature. He does not need any external help to distinguish between them. However, help and push is certainly needed to make the right choice. That a person prefers good to evil in most instances is not easy at all. It is indeed an exacting trial.

In the trial that relates to the eye, a person must guard his gaze from taking undue liberty when viewing members of the opposite gender. In an era, where ogling is normal practice and staring at physical attributes a common norm, it needs a concerted effort to not let our eyes go astray. Like the trial of the heart, this too is a perpetual and unrelenting trial.

The purpose of religion is inner purification and spiritual advancement. If we succeed in these two trials, we purify ourselves and become entitled to the eternal kingdom of God in the Hereafter.

Let us make a resolute effort every day to consciously strive to succeed in these trials!


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