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To tread the Threshold of Paradise
The Hereafter
Jhangeer Hanif


Paradise is the ultimate place that the believers will reside in. The present world stands in no comparison with the world to come – a heavenly abode where sheer happiness knows no bounds. To be fed up with any ecstatic and euphoric experience is just inevitable in the present world. While in Heaven, the pinnacle of pleasure will be the beginning of yet another ecstatic excursion.

Belief in the Day of Judgment and the promised reward in the form of Paradise effectually prevent the believers to feel an intimate attachment with the world. The Holy Qur’an also unveils the transitory nature of this life in its unparalleled manner of explanation. It exhorts us to fix our eyes on the life to come; to tread the threshold of Paradise is what true success stands for.

The formula proposed by the Holy Qur’an for this success is however not seclusion from this world. Man is not here to exhibit perfect aloofness and isolation from all that goes on around him. To turn a blind eye to worldly affairs is not what he is supposed to do. On the one hand, he is to perform all the good deeds and on the other, he is called upon to curb evil; he is to personify truthfulness, justice, and generosity; and at the same time he is to eliminate oppression, persecution and inequality. For both the positive and negative objectives to realize, he will of necessity have to launch an internal and external full blown battle. Obviously, the nature of the battle will vary according to the position of the individual. Nonetheless, it will be fought for Allah and to materialize the nobler ideals set by the religion of Islam.

For the rich, it will mainly take on the form of spending; for the rulers, it will manifest itself in establishing justice and equality, and combating against persecution. The writers will contribute invaluable essays to the treasure of knowledge, and the teachers will train the youth; the stronger will offer their lives in the battlefield and the weaker will maintain the provision of food and clothing. While their nights are spent in Sujud (prostration), their days are passed in carrying out the specific functions they have chosen. It is for them that Paradise will be adorned with what eyes have never seen.

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