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The Friend I want to keep
Rhyme and Reason
Jhangeer Hanif


He is here.

I believe in Him,

And cherish holding Him dear.

Life is a mystery without Him;

I shudder to think of a life without Him.

His very thought gets me high,

Makes me stoical and intrepid.

He helps me face the perils of life,

Get over with the terror of death.

He has provided me with all I need,

I just think of His benevolence and start to weep.


All that He asks of me is modesty,

A vow of chastity,

A heart brimmed with humility;

A life without passivity,

And love for humanity


O Gracious Friend! I resolve with dignity,

I will do whatever I’m asked of;

Because I love you deep,

And You are the Friend I want to keep!


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