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Some Remedies for Jealousy
Dr. Shehzad Saleem

Jealousy is a human weakness and a negative emotion we all must strive to overcome. It damages human relationships. Friends turn into foes. Long time affiliations take ugly turns and turn into hideous animosities.

What then should be done?

Here are some remedies which may help us in vanquishing this fiendish trait.

i. We must develop the habit of looking at people around us who are less fortunate and facing hardships of life. This will instil in us the emotions of gratitude for God and direct our attention to what we have instead of brooding on what we do not have and becoming jealous of others.

ii. We must concentrate on our own abilities and potentials. Each person is born with some talent or skill. It is just a question of discovering it and polishing it in order to make a difference in the society we live in. Never mind if we do not have some things that others have. We should be proud of our own set of abilities.

iii. We never know the inner situation of a person we are jealous of. He might be blessed in a few traits but he might be undergoing his own share of problems in life. If we come to know of these problems we might in fact end up being sympathetic to him instead of being jealous.

iv. We should make an effort to take the initiative in meeting and greeting people whom we are jealous of. This strikes a blow to the malice in us. A step ahead in this regard would be to give them gifts on various occasions like eid and birthdays.

v. We must train ourselves to be at peace with God’s distribution. He has given some people and deprived some others to make them pass through a trial and choose the successful ones for His Paradise. We must patiently endure this trial while being thankful for His blessings.


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