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The Person in the Mirror
Dr. Shehzad Saleem

The person in the mirror is the one that needs our attention the most. However, we are more occupied in trying to find out faults and shortcomings in others. We may well give up this practice and turn to ourselves. Improving ourselves and becoming good human beings should be our target just as we have other targets in life.

A very effective way of meeting this objective is self-accountability. No one else can set us right unless we have the urge to do so. Mere urge too is not enough unless we are willing to make an effort. Perhaps the best way to self-accountability is to evaluate our day when we go to bed every night. We must make a strong commitment to not repeat mistakes committed during the day.

Another very potent way to achieve this target is to read the biographies of people who were outstanding in character and conduct. This can have a tremendous affect on us. It can spur us to action and make us achieve the seemingly unachievable. These are a special and rare breed of people who have the ability to move minds and stir souls. They have written with their blood tales of selflessness, courage, humility and honesty.

Still another way to achieve this target is to try to find living examples of such morally upright people around us. With a little effort this can be done. Spending time in their company and learning from them in an imperceptible way will provide us a great source of improving ourselves.

So let us concentrate on the person in the mirror and stop staring at others. Let their mirrors be sufficient for them!



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