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Let us Live for Others!
Rhyme and Reason
Dr. Shehzad Saleem

Let us then live for others

O sisters mine and brothers


Their pain let us appease

Stress from them release


A smile at times is enough

For the weary sailing rough


Let us save coins and change

And help from others arrange


And hear out the aggrieved

And embrace the bereaved


Items lying here and there

Those we can easily spare


Which we seldom or never use

Parting from them let us choose


Phone, skype and email

Their services we can avail


To inquire about those unwell

And who in tough times dwell


And before God let us cry

With that wailing teary eye



Prayers are gushing fountains

They can move mountains:


Lord! Take good care of the bitten

Shower thy mercy on the stricken






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