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Animal Rights
Social Issues
Dr. Shehzad Saleem

One seldom cares for animal rights at places where human rights are being blatantly violated. Yet it is of utmost importance to be sensitive to rights of living beings given in our custody. They might not be able to protest our cruel behaviour but this does not give us the license to do whatever we want to. On such occasions, we must think how our own infants incapable of protest would feel if we are negligent to their needs.

In this regard, there are some areas of grave concern that need our attention.

Foremost among them is looking after pets. Attending to their needs like vaccination, food, water, sickness, strolling outdoors and providing them with a comfortable environment is as essential as attending to our own needs if not more. This is because they themselves are helpless to do so.

Secondly, we must be very compassionate to beasts of burden. These animals carry our goods and merchandise. The means of transport they provide is unmatched. Taking proper care of their needs is essential. Lashing them with a stick to increase their speed is one of the cruelest things that we can do.

Thirdly, stray animals which are not a nuisance and may have lost their way or are looking for food must be showed sympathy. Providing them some immediate relief by feeding them or sheltering them from the heat and cold goes without saying. If there exist animal rehab centers, then transporting them there is the best option.

Let us also remember that a society which is insensitive to animals can seldom be caring for human beings!


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