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Benefiting from Criticism
Dr. Shehzad Saleem

Facing criticism is not easy. It hurts our ego and self-pride. But should we let our ego get in the way? If the critique is sound, we must acknowledge it and change our stance. It is a corollary of seeking the truth. Our affiliation is with the truth wherever it lies. Moreover, if the criticism relates to our conduct and character, it is an opportunity to improve and enhance ourselves as human beings.

At times criticism is couched in harsh words but nevertheless is true and convincing. Such situations are a real test for us. Since unkind words elicit anger, instead of looking at the substance we often react on the unsympathetic style and more often than not end up dismissing the criticism. On such occasions, we must get hold of ourselves and not let such an opportunity go amiss. We must disregard the harshness and focus on the content.

After all it is we who will be the beneficiaries – none else! Let us disregard any harshness in the criticism and treat our true critics as our benefactors!

Moreover, let us become harsh and stern critics of our own selves. We need to continuously evaluate and re-evaluate our deeds and actions and act upon the calls of our conscience. Self criticism teaches us humility and forgiveness as it makes us realize our faults. Realizing our faults cuts our ego to size and urges us to overlook the faults of others.


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