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The Importance of the Word “Self”
Dr. Shehzad Saleem

Such is the huge impact of the word self that it can change scenarios, alter personalities, shatter egos and boost confidence. Here are some good usages of “self” that we must adopt:

Self-accountability is the sign of a person who wants to improve himself. It is the most powerful tool to become a better individual.

Self-reflection is the habit of a person who does not wait for any external source to point out his faults and shortcomings.

Self-esteem is the trait of a person who will never stoop low to gain a vested interest at the cost of dignity. His integrity and honour makes him respect the integrity and honour of others.

Self-motivation is a rare attribute that makes leaders out of people and top-notchers in their fields. Those who possess it are a rare breed of people and they must realize that they can inspire others.

Self-restraint is a very commendable quality. It protects a person from committing undue excesses. It is the key to a refined character and a sound conduct.

Self-help is the feature of a person who does not wait for others to help him even if he is entitled to it. He takes the initiative to solve matters himself

And the best “self” is selflessness – a trait that perhaps has no parallel. It is the quintessence of humanity. It means that one is ever disposed to the well being of others, even at the expense of his own needs.


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