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…Till you Find your Dream
Dr. Shehzad Saleem


Climb every mountain

Search every stream

Follow every rainbow

Till you find your dream


It was many years ago when I first heard this beautiful stanza. Sung by Patricia Routledge for the movie ‘Sound of Music’, these words indeed carry a great message for all of us:

To strive, to search and to never lose hope.

To try, try and try again and to never despair.

The will to go on and the will to leave no stone unturned in seeking one’s goal is a person’s greatest asset. Like that mountain rivulet that flows on a rocky surface but still smoothly glides down, fight we must against adverse circumstances and smoothly make our own way.

To dwell on dreams is great – to launch a relentless effort to realize them greater… but if a person is unable to fulfill his dream in spite of all the effort, he must accept the will of the Almighty. Mere dreaming is ambition, but dreaming with care is submission. So, our plans may not always materialize, but the effort expended should always be in line with the following couplet:

دست از طلب ندارم تا كام من برايد

يا تن رسد بجانان يا جان ز تن بر ايد

(I shall never rest at peace until I achieve my goal. Either I shall win my beloved or shall die in this cause)

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