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Overcoming Despair and Dejection
Dr. Shehzad Saleem

As human beings, despair and dejection at times get the better of us. We are bogged down. Life seems meaningless. We do not want to carry out our regular chores in this situation. It is like a spiritual imprisonment. One may be free physically but the feeling is that the soul is trapped within.

In extreme situations, medical help must be sought. However, before that time arrives, some efforts can be made to redeem the situation. Here are some suggestions.

Firstly, we must set ourselves an aim in life. It helps in focusing our positive energy and setting aside negativity. A mission in life gives us spiritual fulfillment and also a sense of achievement. A person who is focused on a cause is so deeply involved in realizing his mission that worries he may have, but seldom will they bother him. It is a very effective antidote to despondency. We begin each day looking forward to something and this is a huge psychological boost.

Secondly, let us make it a point to count our blessings every day – whenever we are sitting idle. Depression and dejection many a time produce negative emotions and reactions in us. It looks as if everything in the world is against us and is bent upon bringing more misery upon us. Grumbling and complaining become a routine of our lives. A strong way to counter this pessimism is to diligently look at the favours and blessings of God that we enjoy. There is so much to thank God for that if we start focusing our attention on these favours, we will be continuously reminded that there is SOMEONE who is looking after us more than our mothers.

Thirdly, we must try to help people around us and make an effort to relieve their misery and pain. This will make us forget our woes and sorrows. Living for others is a profound cure for depression and despondency. It makes us realize how blessed we are even though we may be suffering in some ways.

Finally, regular physical exercise and workouts are known remedies for dejection and gloominess. It only takes a little effort to take that initial start after which our physical self starts getting the better of our bogged down spiritual self. It is worth the effort.



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