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A Cry to the World
Rhyme and Reason
Arub Saqib


People of the world please open your eyes

Try and search for answers beyond the skies.

People of the world look beyond yourselves for what is true,

And you will find Allah, smiling at you.


Look past the surface and deep into their meaning,

This is the thing that will bring your soul healing.

Struggling for the right way is the true trial,

For the secret of life lies beneath every hardship and smile.


Try not to mourn for what has passed by

Instead raise your hands to the sky

Learn not to yearn for what you cannot own,

For on the day of judgement your deeds are what will be shown.


Don’t be arrogant and do nothing, and yet expect so much more,

For Allah will not come and knock at your door.

You yourself must fill in the holes,

And understand that men may bow without souls.


Understand that life is but a journey for us all,

We run we laugh but sometimes trip and fall.

Know that happiness is like a tree,

Allah gives you the seeds, the sun and rain from the sea.


But you alone can make it grow,

So try hard to learn and know.

Know to fear a day when no father shall prevail for his son,

And all accounted will be each deed that was done.


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