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Dr. Shehzad Saleem

Generosity is a noble human trait. It relates both to cash and kind.

Spending on the needy and that too in a generous way is such a spiritually satisfying and fulfilling experience. It gives us a feeling of gratification and in fact at one stage becomes an addiction because of the peace of mind and elation of soul it provides.

As, far as generosity in kind is concerned, it has many aspects.

Foremost is generosity in acknowledging the countless favours of God. The best way to do it is to show obedience to His directives. Next come our parents. Looking after them in a magnanimous way and being gentle and kind to them is in line with this generosity. In particular, their emotional needs must be taken care of. Continuing with this sequence, our children, siblings and extended members of the family must be treated in a bounteous way.

We have to be generous in showering praise on others too by appreciating their qualities whole-heartedly and expressing them in words. This gives a tremendous boost to their self-confidence and also makes them feel acknowledged by those around them.

Generosity must also be shown in forgiving others. All of us make mistakes. We inflict all sorts of wrongs on others and at times they are irreparable. However, consider that if others have been bad to us, we too may have a share in being bad to others. Let us think of our own faults before we think of the faults of others and be magnanimous in forgiving others if we expect others to be magnanimous in forgiving us.




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