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Overcoming Prejudice
Social Issues
Dr. Shehzad Saleem

Prejudice often stops us from accepting the truth. It makes us sway in favour of our personal interest, family, tribe, clan and country even if we know that this inclination is against justice and truth. The beauty of a human being is to acknowledge justice and truth even if emotions stop and hinder this acknowledgement.

How then can we overcome this unreasonable and unbecoming attitude? Some tips may help in this regard.

Firstly, we must train ourselves to accept justice as the queen of all virtues; something we will never compromise on. Our actions and reactions should be governed by this cardinal principle and if in the heat of the moment we are swayed by emotions try to revert to it as soon as possible.

Secondly, some of the reasons that impel us to prejudice are selfishness and vested interests. We must train ourselves to rise above these petty emotions and tune ourselves to rational thinking and moral uprightness. 

Thirdly, we must keep an eye on the qualities of our rivals and adversaries and always acknowledge them. At the same time, we must keep an eye on our follies and shortcomings and also recognize them. This keeps us humble.

Fourthly, we must check the arrogance and haughtiness found in us. One of the reasons for prejudice is this trait. One of the ways to do away with arrogance is to keep an eye on our faults and short comings.




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