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Winning Hearts
Dr. Shehzad Saleem

Becoming a person who is loved and respected by friends, colleagues and relatives is the desire of almost every person. For those in positions of leadership, this trait is indispensable. It contributes to the charisma found in some outstanding personalities we read about in history. So strong is this desire that we want to be fondly remembered by those around us once we depart from this world.

And it is not difficult for a common person also to become endeared and loved by those around. The formula is very simple. In fact, we need to only pursue a single point agenda to reach this cherished position: sincere appreciation of people!

The word “sincere” here is of special import to distinguish it from flattery. The latter must never be resorted to. It is an overt sign of selfishness and personal gain. Truly appreciating someone means expressing in words the actual qualities of a person. This of course gives a tremendous boost to a person’s confidence and he feels that he has made a difference in the society where he lives.

One aspect that we must keep in mind is that many a time we appreciate a person in our hearts but we do not express these feelings for him or her in words. This verbal expression is quite obviously of paramount importance. People cannot know how we feel about them unless we express our appreciation for them in carefully chosen words.




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