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Dr. Shehzad Saleem

One of the keys to success in this life as well as in the afterlife is self-control. It is all about channelizing our emotions when they get worked up inside us. These emotions need to be vented in the right place because they can make a difference. If they are vented wrongly or at the wrong place, they can cause havoc. We must realize that our greatest enemy is inside us. Let us try to vanquish it as much as we can and for as long as we can. A cultured person always weighs his intent before he speaks out. With this restraint, we may perhaps remain silent most of the time! Self-control often leads to moral victory. Losing it, often leads to moral defeat even if one’s stance is correct!

Perhaps the strongest of these emotions relate to sexual desires. It can break families and play havoc in societies by turning it into a herd of animals.

Anger can be regarded as another potent emotion. It can end up in killing or seriously injuring someone or saying something very hurtful. Divorces often happen in anger related scenarios.

Proclivity towards excessive eating is another area in which restraint must be exercised. It not only makes us lose sight of higher objectives of life, it is also injurious to health.

Addiction, specially to intoxicants, leaves a society bereft of a basic human value: modesty and chastity.

The list goes on. What then must be done?

Whenever we find an intense urge building in us, it is here that we must discipline ourselves and ask the question: What will this take me to? If regret is to be only consequence, why not prevent it from happening? We must exercise self-control by preparing in advance. This pre-preparation is best done through self-suggestion and self-realization. We have to talk to ourselves and prepare to exercise restraint whenever a surge rises in us.


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