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Dr. Shehzad Saleem

Entertaining visitors and guests in a welcoming way is a very courteous deed. It reflects human bonding and shows our concern for our brethren. When others reach out to us, we should reciprocate in a polite way.

However, there are situations in which visitors come at odd times. They do not always come with prior notice about their arrival. It is at such times that we have to show extra courtesy and entertain them. It is perfectly okay to excuse ourselves if we are not in a position to meet them. Yet this should be done preferably as a last resort and in a very cultured way.

When someone knocks at our door we may not realize the blessings and opportunities the visitor may bring along. At times, new doors open and new avenues light up. Such instances are God-sent and can produce windfall gains.

Lending an ear to what a guest has to say specially when he or she is under stress is very noble and highly recommended. Merely listening to someone’s woes even if a person is not in a position to offer any other help is a great lesson in humanity. In such cases, the host should remember that he or she too could have been in such a position of mental discomfort and if he or she is being able to do something for someone today, who knows God may make reciprocal arrangements for him or her when the going gets tough!



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