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Humanity Unplugged
Dr. Shehzad Saleem

Human beings ought to be humble and humane. Love and sympathy should exude from their behaviour. Selflessness and altruism should deck their personalities. They should adhere to honesty even if it has perilous outcomes. They should abide by the truth even if it is against their interests. Kindness should be their hallmark and should not only extend to their own fraternity but to animals and plants too. Forgiveness should be their motto and compassion should be their second nature. Their countenance should be pleasant and their mannerisms gracious. Sincerity should be writ large in all their undertakings. Their lives should be governed by self-discipline. People should be able to depend on them when times are bleak. Sharing their blessings should come naturally to them. Whenever the feeling of deprivation overcomes them, the gushing fountain of gratitude drenches them. Patience should be their bedrock in times of adversity. Positive thinking must never leave them even when the sailing is rough. They should refuse to lose but at the same time see the hand of God in failures. The quest for truth should be the most cherished enterprise for them. The thirst to acquire wisdom should possess them until their very last breath. They must be just even to their enemies. Contentment should be their permanent companion. Their strong connection with God should continue to give them the courage to bear persecution for the sake of righteousness. If they can live and die for others they would be humans par excellence.

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