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The Wind
Rhyme and Reason
Arub Saqib

Breezing through the meadows

Flowing past the blazing sun

Whooshing and weaving against trees

Uniting earth and sky as one


Blowing along the horizon

Collecting rainbows of petals and leaves on your way

Present to see each happy and sad moment

Present to see the moon and stars giving way to day


Pushing along big puffs in the sky

Clearing away the grey night

Sweeping up the Sahara sand grains

Watching the plains set alight


Heaving against the mountains that  pierce the sky

Shoving the vast ocean waters as you go by

Not sparing man nor thing in your way

Wheezing through time, through night, through day


The burden of snow on your broad shoulders

As you storm up North

Hurling against stone, earth, water with rage and rain

As you dive down the South


Not knowing where will you stop

As you tiredly sweep through each week, month and year

What will happen if you do stop

That is my most prime fear


I can see the wind as my soul

Trying to find the right way

Breezing through the many paths

Trying hard not to go astray















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