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In Hope and in Fear
Rhyme and Reason
Asif Iftikhar


Demons all around me Lord

Of them the worst is me

Though your name I hail my Lord

I am but frail my Lord

So far from longed destiny

Yet, to your mercy, your love

My struggling hope does cling           

I know my failings abound Lord        

With sadness does my heart sing

Your glory does my tongue praise     

At your door do mine eyes gaze

Open your door my Lord

In great hope and fear I knock

You’ll close it on me if you want

Full well that I know

But I have no place to go

You are my only rock

You are my only peace

For all human love, just artful deceit

To see our own dreams come true

True love is the one you give

True love comes from you    

In your way I still crawl

Against the stream I still swim

With arms tired and a rusty heart

Let not your forgiveness

From your sinner part

Ease my burden for me Lord

Grant me the strength to go on

Make light this distance long

For though faltered I have

A million times

Lagged behind many miles

And though weak beyond measure

Is my unworthy endeavour

I haven’t given up my Lord

And hoping I haven’t stopped

For end of hope in you my Lord        

Is the end without end

An end that must never be

Don’t forsake me Lord

Don’t stop loving me                                                


Asif Iftikhar (Montreal, July 2003)



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