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Influence of a Tablīghī
Siddiq Bukhary


Question: I thank you for your reply and the time that you spent in writing back to me.  If I may add to my previous mail; it will give me a chance to better explain to you the situation. For one, I am thankful that I am a Muslim but I am at the same time ashamed to be so now. Frankly, I regret saying this that I detest going to the Mosque. Although I have never voiced this, I detest talking to these so-called Muslim clergy as they like to be called some very learned people.

This may be considered arrogance on my part; I apologize to God for that, but I have my reasons to feel that way. What all Muslims do is talk. I have not seen a single Muslim actually do anything in action. Their speeches are hollow that get lost in the very air these are uttered. Muslims think that everything will be fixed by God. True. God does everything but there is a lot more that God has left to us for setting things right. Muslims are rigid people and they have no tolerance to accept others; they make more enemies than friends. You might consider me to be of the same label. I don’t have much tolerance for these kind of people too, but not because of lack of reasoning, but because Muslims are generally not progressive. The people who go to this mosque of our locality are usually so fixated on their approach that they strike fear instead of love for people who visit it. I know that I should judge other people like I would want God to judge me, but I want to make God happy by progression. These Maulvis strike against the West, let it be known to them that all the machines in the hospitals are made by the West. I believe that one should give love and be open to things. I would like you to comment on my views.


Answer: The point you need to appreciate is the difference between Islam itself and the deeds of Muslims. Whatever they do cannot be taken as Islam.

The Holy Qur’ān and Sunnah are the basic components of Islam. Therefore, it should always be studied and understood in the light of these basic sources. No doubt, there are so many factors which affect the deeds and actions of the Muslims. And these factors may be contrary to Islam, as we see these days.

I think actions of others ought not to be an excuse to set one’s face against the actual teachings of Islam. We will have to stand before God all alone in order to justify our deeds and actions. And, there, the practices of others, I think, would not provide a sufficient cause to justify ours.

I really feel the gravity of the situation and that of your concern but remember: it is not our duty to correct people by forcing them to adopt the path which we consider correct. On the contrary, our duty ends with trying our best to having them mend their ways. We are bound to be overpowered with tension and frustration when we start thinking that the rectification and correction of people around us is our responsibility.

Try to appreciate the difference between forcing someone to the right path and that of showing that path with all clarity. Your duty is to show the picture of the right path in a better and a more effective way. The rest is up to them. However, as part of effectively communicating our concern for the well being of others, it is our duty to try to find out ways, which would serve our purpose without annoying our addressees. And during all this process sticking to the right path is obviously a pre-requisite.




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