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Dr. Shehzad Saleem


Confidence can work wonders for a human being. It can boost his morale and make him achieve surprising results and unbelievable targets. It makes a person work beyond his normal potential. Even if that person has marginal talent, confidence can take him to new heights.

People who lack in confidence, on the other hand, struggle in life and even if they are very talented, in most cases their achievements are much below their calibre. They are timid in taking decisions and small things bother them a lot. The children they rear may be influenced by this malady as well.

Here are some ways which can boost our confidence:

Firstly, a measure that can really boost our confidence is to bring happiness to others and make a difference in their lives. This may in fact work wonders in enhancing our confidence. It is perhaps the easiest and the most effective way to gain in confidence.

Secondly, we should start by setting ourselves easy targets. Meeting a target increases our confidence and we begin to believe in ourselves. After that we should gradually set ourselves stiffer ones. This is much like building stamina in a work out. As we continue to make it more uphill, our stamina increases.

Thirdly, we must always look back on our lives. They are bound to be times in which God fulfilled a certain desire we had. Remembering such times is a lesson in confidence.

Fourthly, one of the reasons for lack of confidence is fear of failure. We have to conquer this fear by working harder than before and also by trusting God that He may have better plans for us. An upright person always sees the hand of God in his failings. Instead of losing confidence, such failures strengthen his faith in God.

Fifthly, we should do something for which we are naturally suited and for which we have a natural inclination. Often these inclinations manifest themselves in the form of hobbies and pastimes. When we are able to make advances in this sphere, our confidence may increase by leaps and bounds.




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