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Sharing is Caring
Rhyme and Reason
Dr. Shehzad Saleem


The Lord has given us plentiful

Let us then lead a life meaningful


The blessings that we cherish

And the favours that we relish


Never we want to lose their sight

Since they bring us such delight


Let us share the pleasures of life

So that others can enjoy in strife


Our trash can be someone’s treasure

Somebody’s need beyond measure


Surplus items let’s also give away

No use they are to us dare I say


Books, crockery, medicines and rags

Clothes, stationery, purses and bags


Furniture, cushions, curtains, shoes

Why stack them, deprive others of use


Blessings of God we must share

Benefit from them with caution 'n care


So much can be recycled n reclaimed

Put to use, reshaped and regained


Surely all this is noble, worth a try

Small acts of kindness to live by




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