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Power of Adaptability
Dr. Shehzad Saleem

God has blessed human beings with tremendous powers of adaptability to new or unexpected circumstances. Things may seem tough to start with, but it is just a question of when a person will adjust to any change. The only thing needed is to be persistent – which at times is done willfully and at times is the only option and hence forced upon us.

It is in the initial period that we must accept the situation whole-heartedly and brace ourselves. Adverse circumstances need perseverance and steadfastness only at the beginning. Once we are able to muster them, the sailing becomes easy. Precisely because of this reason we say that time is the greatest healer. After the initial tough period, our mind, body and routine adjust to a new equilibrium of life. Sometimes, this new equilibrium shows as if nothing unbearable had ever happened.

This then is the power of adaptability. Every new dawn takes us a step ahead to achieve it in the wake of a difficult past. However, what needs to be understood is that a person should not think that his woes are over with the present one. They are part of life and so is the power to deal and adjust to them. Every time a calamity strikes us, we should remember how gradually we came to grips with a past one.

We can learn adaptability from some elements of nature too. For example, with consummate ease, water takes the shape of the container it fills. It offers no resistance at all. It adapts to its surroundings. Similarly, life forms living in extreme climates adapt to these circumstances. They seldom detract or shy away. Persistence makes them adaptable.

A powerful lesson for us!



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