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Let us Contribute
Dr. Shehzad Saleem

We often think about what others have done for us. We must change this thinking to: what have we done for others. This singular change can change our lives and make a difference in the lives of others. Brooding and complaining will be replaced by positivity. We will concentrate more on what best we can do.

One of the keys to happiness is not to expect much from others and always keep our hopes low. This does not mean that we have a bad opinion about someone. It only means that if for some reason, the response is not commensurate with our own hopes, we will give that person the benefit of doubt and not think that our effort has gone in vain.

Contributing to the society that we live in is also one of our unwritten commitments towards our fellow human beings. This contribution is not necessarily monetary in nature. Our skill, time and concern can equally be a means of contribution if not more. In fact, there is one form of contribution which can go a long way in our spiritual fulfillment and self-purification: not letting anyone know about our contribution and keeping the matter only between our selves and God.

Urging others to contribute by setting an example can set a trend and tradition that can forever be passed on, especially to our younger generation. Every person needs a living example to follow and if we can become such an example, we should consider a big job done.

Finally, we must never underestimate the power of the prayer. A supplication made before God to help and alleviate the misery of others is something that is always in our power. It is a contribution that we can make for others with the least bother but perhaps in the most effective way.



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