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Dr. Shehzad Saleem

Openness is a quality that can not only make a person grow intellectually, it also wins hearts and touches souls. Life is about accepting new ideas and trends. Openness endears a person to his fellow beings. Most of all, it shows that a person has understood one of the greatest facts of life: he is a human being who is liable to falter and must be open to criticism.

Let us examine some of the important consequences of openness.

A person who is open to acceptance will be a very good life-companion. He or she will accept the personality of the spouse and not endeavour to impose himself or herself on the other. Accommodation is the basis of a successful marriage.

A teacher who is open to questions and criticism will grow taller in respect and professional competence. External feedback helps in improving our skills and approach.

A chief executive who is open to ideas and feedback will win the confidence and affection of his staff and can make his organization grow by leaps and bounds. He will find his team to be more loyal and dedicated.

A society that is open will reap the benefits of talented immigrants. Accommodating people regardless of race and nationality who can add value and substance to it will take it to the highway of development and advancement. Openness and acceptance of people of other religions will strengthen the basic bond of human existence: the bond of humanity. Such a society can potentially ensure peace and happiness among its members. People will live in harmony.



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