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Our Three Identities
Dr. Shehzad Saleem

We belong to three fraternities at the same time: our country, religion and species. As such we have three identities: a human identity, a geographical identity and a religious identity. Complete harmony can be achieved between these identities if our concepts are clear. None of these identities clash with one another.

In fact, the real test is to deal with all these three identities without causing one to clash with the other.

We must realize that first and foremost we are human beings born from the same parents: Adam and Eve. As such we are one big family that should live in peace and harmony. We should feel for each other as members of a family. If any of us is distraught, feelings of sympathy should naturally and instinctively arise in all the rest. Our religious and geographical identities should not be any cause of hindrance to this expression.

Our geographical identity is only meant to associate us with a particular territory of the earth. These territories, now mostly organized as nation-states, are meant to provide our immediate surroundings with peace and security. They are also responsible for providing us with the basic necessities of life as food, shelter, clothing, health, education and justice. Humanity transcends geographical divides and does not know of any borders.

Our religious identity characterizes our belief system in the metaphysical realm. It connects us to the Creator of this universe and provides us with a firm line of unity: all human beings are His creation and hence are equal in all respects. Colour, caste, and race cannot elevate a human being over another. Being the creation of the same God, all of them are bound in a single thread of servitude to Him.

Let us realize these three identities of ours and try to make a difference in this world by using them not only to our advantage but to the advantage of our human fraternity.




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