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Basis of Religion
Tariq Haashmi

When a person observes the signs of Providence, Mercy and Justice of the Almighty all around him, he is drenched with a profound sense of gratitude. This is the feeling that induces him to worship the one and only God and to seek His help in every difficulty encountered in life. Just as this feeling of gratitude is the natural outcome of reflection on the signs of His Mercy and Providence, the sentiments of worship for the Almighty that arise in a person are the natural outcome of this feeling of gratitude. Every action that excites the feelings of a person induces its natural reaction. In man, the direct response of the feeling that he develops to express gratitude for his real benefactor is only His worship and seeking His help. Who do we owe real gratitude other than the Being Who nourishes us with such magnanimity and care, Whose Providence is not subject to meeting certain personal motives. Nor is His Providence conditional to good deeds; Whose Providence and Benevolence are not confined to this ephemeral life, but Who has kept the blessing of everlasting life in store for His devout slaves. If it is only He who deserves our real gratitude, then who is entitled to our worship and whose help we ought to seek save the Almighty?

The feeling of gratitude, so to say, takes a man on to the doorstep of his real Benefactor so that he may apotheosize Him and seek His help. In other words, the feeling of gratitude, in fact, creates an urge of worship in a man. By doing so, this feeling lays the foundations of religion.


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