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Understanding the Qur’ān: A Fundamental Premise
Dr. Shehzad Saleem

Response: I might have misunderstood but from what I gather, in an article titled ‘Understanding the Qur’ān: A Fundamental Premise’ published in your Nov2000 issue that the argument in favour of Jihād is not valid today? Is that what it exactly means?

Comment: The article says that there are basically two forms of Jihād which an Islamic State can undertake:

FORM 1: Jihād waged on Non-Muslims to subdue them even if they are living in peace with Muslim countries.

FORM 2: Jihād waged against countries whether Muslim or non-Muslim if these countries are oppressing and persecuting their public.

The article further says that the while the second form is still possible if the need arises, the first form was only and only meant for the Prophet Muhammad (sws) and his companions. This is based on a certain law of the Almighty which is specific for His Rusul and their companions. It is not related to other Muslims.

In other words, we Muslims cannot undertake Jihād to subdue non-Muslims or to forcibly convert them into Muslims. We can only politely state our arguments in spreading Islam. We are not authorised to use force. Only the Prophet (sws) and his companions had this prerogative.

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