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Change of Heart
Rhyme and Reason
Jhangeer Hanif


You watch them cry,

Suffer and die.

They leave sheer poverty.

Hunger overcomes the progeny’s mind.

Working day and night,

They lore equanimity.

Streets are swarmed with beggars,

And revenging wolves.

They turn the world upside down,

And keep the demonical wheel turning.


It all upsets you,

In deep thoughts buries you.

‘There should be someone vivacious,

Indefatigable and true blue,

I am brimful of frailty,

Too weak to make a difference.’


Bah! Friend, you’re in a fog,

You’ve got the matter wrong.

It just needs your change of heart,

You’ve got to do your part.

Leave upon God the rest,

He will do it to the best.


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